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A Heritage Point Disclosure Packet, which Virginia Law requires a lot seller to provide the buyer, may be obtained from the Heritage Point Association. Forms to request Disclosure Packets may be obtained by writing to the Heritage Point Association at the address below or downloaded from the link below.


The HP Covenants require any owner contemplating a sale of property to present to Heritage Point Association, Inc. a bona fine purchase agreement, in writing, executed by his prospective purchaser. This action is required before the Association waives its Right of First Refusal. A waiver of the Association's Right of First Refusal is necessary to obtain a clear title and acquire mortgage financing.

The Disclosure Package request must be submitted online here. In addition, a Copy of Purchase Agreement, and a check for $75.00 per lot must be mailed to:

Heritage Point Association
Attn: Recording Secretary
P.O. Box 208
Mollusk, VA 22517



Fill out the form below:

Disclosure Request Form
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